Tonight: Stephanie Luce on the Minimum Wage

MetroFocus recently interviewed SPS Associate Professor Stephanie Luce in a segment on the luceminimum wage. The minimum wage became the subject of much debate after President Obama proposed raising it from $7.25 to $9.00 in a speech this past February. Associate Professor Luce provided commentary about two conflicting perspectives in the debate – represented in the segment by a low-wage worker from the Bronx, who says any increase would help her make ends meet, and by the President of the Business Council of New York State, who says raising minimum wage would hamper job creation. Associate Professor Luce is an expert on living wage campaigns and her book, “Fighting for a Living Wage,” addresses this issue in detail.

MetroFocus is a news magazine and program that airs on local PBS stations WNET, WLIW, and NJTV. The segment aired on March 20th and again on March 21st, but you can still watch it online or read the accompanying article here.